Can’t Wait to Paint

I’ll spend this year’s vacation painting in India! So many ideas in my dreams. I’d like the walls to not look newly-painted, but look like they’ve been there a long while, walls with histories and stories to tell of people who’ve been here before me. I shared inspiration photos previously in Old Walls, Or Made to Look That Way. I like the faded stencil effect here:

I’ve also been inspired by the stencil painting at Peacock Pavilions in Marrakesh. You can find info about the painting done there at My Marrakesh and Design Amour.

Since discovering Design Amour and its shopping site, Royal Design Studios, I’ve poured over the stencils there, trying to narrow choices to a “hot list.” I’ve been pinning favorites in a Pinterest board:

Wall Paint Stencil Inspiration for India

Follow me there as I pin more inspiration photos! If that doesn’t sound like “narrowing choices” to you, you’re right — I still have a few more weeks before I have to decide! For now getting inspired is too much fun.

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4 Replies to “Can’t Wait to Paint”

  1. Fabulous blog, bravo !!
    I’ ve been doing decorative painting for almost 30 years.
    your blog ‘s name ” pied a terre” caught my eyes on Melanie’s
    design ..may be because I am french..? but live in NYC.
    I am going with Melanie to Morocco . A treat to myself for my 50’ ths birthday.
    Look forward to read more of your posts…All the Best !! Sylvie

  2. Thank you for commenting! Lucky you! What a wonderful birthday treat. I would love to go paint with Melanie’s team in Morocco and would seriously consider it, although I’ve had to save my annual 3 weeks of vacation to complete our place in India later this fall. I’ve been inspired so much by the decorative painting on Melanie’s blog and can’t wait to try it! And of course the photos of decorative walls from travels on Design Amour are also awe-inspiring!

  3. Thank you both ladies! Looking forward to meeting you Sylvie! Deb, I have been repinning a lot of your Pinterest images!! :) I am working on some India-inspired designs lately….perhaps we should plan a painting trip to India!! I am looking forward to seeing what you accomplish on your next trip there!

  4. That’s wonderful Melanie! I’ll be so excited to see new India designs! Isn’t India such a visual feast for inspiration. I am working on a short list of stencils to order from you. It’s really hard to choose! We haven’t even used the place and I already need more walls and surfaces! There’s a really cool alcove/nook area visible from the whole living area that’s just ripe for some fabulous color and stencil decoration. Oh and there’s the staircase that leads to all the apartments … the building is “in the family” so it should be possible to paint away there … ha.

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