Guest Bedroom Inspiration Moodboard

I see a bright happy colorful guest room. With a daybed so the room has plenty of space to be used for other purposes. Because our travel to the apartment will be only occasional — vacation and business travel — so I can’t imagine how often there will be guests overnight. So the room will be multipurpose — an office, a sewing room, a quiet reading space.

Most of our apartment will likely have natural colors. But this room will be wild with color. Sort of like this:

One item here that will surely be in the guest room is the vintage sari kantha quilt. I’m waiting for it to show up on the porch! And the elephant hook is at Anthropologie for easy acquisition.

A major piece not reflected in the moodboard here — a wardrobe and storage unit will be custom built around the window, creating a windowseat with a nice view.

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3 Replies to “Guest Bedroom Inspiration Moodboard”

  1. Thank you Sundeep and Anjali! I remember that room in NYT– it’s so joyful. Thanks for linking it here! I’d love to do something that pushes a big envelope that I’d never push in our home in the States.

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