HomeGoods for the India Apartment

I could live in HomeGoods. Everything you need is there:  food, drink, towels, sheets, pillows, and fresh underwear. Even candles for cooking and lamps for light. And of course, other life essentials like new handbags. Just move me right in.

Barring that, because it may result in a visit by the police, we can bring HomeGoods to our home. And we have. Here’s the HomeGoods haul waiting for our next trip to India:

HomeGoods Goods to go to India Apartment

It’s quite a pile of stuff waiting to go to Chennai. We fly Etihad to India so we can haul a bunch of stuff back and forth with no extra charges.

What you see here from HomeGoods is:

  • Copper pots n’ pan. I wanted a dash of copper to play up our copper  kitchen farmhouse sink. We’re also taking unused pots and pans from our Chicago home. All will hang on a wall-hanging pot rack (from Sur La Tabla).
  • Dish towels that coordinate with our Tuscan kitchen colors.
  • Ceramic rooster, all-important accessory for a Tuscan kitchen.
  • Yellow ceramic dish that coordinates with yellow, red and green cannisters from Sur La Tabla.
  • 222 Fifth “Kashmir” pattern plates, bowls, mugs and serving pieces. I love this pattern because the olive, red and yellow in it creates a “bridge” between the Tuscan elements and colors of our kitchen and, of course, India style! Finding this pattern and color was total lucky serendipity.
  • Marble bathroom accessories
  • Toilet bowl cleaners for each bathroom, because these cleaners in decorative containers are hard to find in India.
  • The most beautiful blue! I don’t know where these will go yet. Surely somewhere, I love the color. Purely decorative.
  • Hot pink tealight lanterns! I purchased these in the spring, then returned them because I thought hot pink was too much color for me. They were still there months later. Now that our guest room is shaping up to include hot pink, it was fate. I got them again and kept them. Be brave with color in India!
  • The most fabulous ceramic elephant. Because you gotta have an elephant.

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2 Replies to “HomeGoods for the India Apartment”

    1. Oh no! Sorry about that! There is some variance, maybe. There are two near me — one 5 miles in one direction (an older smaller TJ Maxx) and another 5 miles in the other direction (huge HomeGoods). The big store has a lot more temptation!! I found the plates and bowls above at the small older store and all the other stuff at the big one. In fact I was there again last night picking up a splash guard for pots and pans, things like can opener, spatulas, etc. And I always buy pastas there, good ones from Italy.

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