India Master Bath Vanity-Mirror-Faucet Vision

A vision for the master bath:

The tile shown is the actual tile that will be along the vanity wall, purchased at Vaigai Sanitation in Chennai. Here’s a pic my husband shot at the Vaigai display a year ago:

The tile should have been installed exactly like this. The bathroom even has an indented wall where the toilet goes just like the display. So the slate 4x4s were supposed to go in that area, and there would be a matching slate tile area in the shower on the opposite end. The light porcelain tiles would cover the remainder of the walls. However there was a major miscommunication somewhere along the way this past year, unknown to us until my husband visited the Chennai apartment in July. The entire bathroom was tiled with the slate 4x4s!! Ugh!!! What a SHOCK to the eyes. We were asked whether we could live with it. No. It was overwhelming. The tile has since been ripped off and is, perhaps even as I write, being reinstalled correctly.

The mirror is now mine! Found today at One King’s Lane. I also found the guest bathroom’s mirror in the U.S. and we’ll have to figure how to get them to Chennai cost-effectively. This mirror inspired me to open Photoshop and envision how the vanity area would look with this mirror.

The sconces shown are from Rejuvenation which is my favorite source for lighting for our Chicago home. I love how you can customize the pieces online. My husband’s cousin said there’s a 2-mile strip in Chennai full of lighting and electrical supply, and she’ll drop us off at one end and pick us up on the other. We may find sconces there on our next trip.

Right now I’m envisioning a trough faucet (especially with this mirror!). We may get it in the U.S. and take it to India.

And for the vanity, I’ll be seeking something similar to the chest shown above, and convert it into a vanity. Finding the right piece for a vanity will be a fun adventure in the Cochin warehouses when I visit in December. We’ll fit it with either a porcelain or copper sink (you can see the lip of a copper sink I pasted in the mockup above) and a granite countertop.

Finally, stylists in home decor photo shoots must move the daily necessities like trash cans out of view. But there are (nice) trash cans next to the vanities of all of our bathrooms, thus there’s a trash can here!

This bathroom is small — the vanity can only take the space that a pedestal sink would. Not much room for storage. We may install storage for towels and toiletries on a wall. I likely will not store clean towels out in the open due to the dust in India. There’s an ongoing debate about dust — my husband insists because he got the best Fenesta windows, and they’re installed very tight, and because even the exhaust fans in the bathrooms automatically recede airtight into the wall after use (very cool!), he says we will not have huge dust issues. Everyone else disagrees, that it’s pervasive and unavoidable. And when we’re gone from the apartment for many months, we should walk through the main door armed with shovels to remove the dust! We shall see …

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5 Replies to “India Master Bath Vanity-Mirror-Faucet Vision”

  1. My mom got her tiles from Vaigai as well :-)
    The strip of lighting shops is great, they have a similar one for woodwork and marble, though I think sourcing marble from Rajasthan is way better.
    Rambling on here :-)

    1. Where is the strip of shops for woodwork in Chennai? Sounds like another place we should visit! This weekend we’re confirming my flight to Chennai for late November & December so I’m making my list of places to go!

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