Happy Colors

Happy colors and festive atmosphere in margaritaville!

I am taking some time away from blogging for a bit — we’re busily packing the next haul of stuff to go to Chennai when my husband leaves for there on Sunday, and I head in a different direction on Sunday for work, but not as far, to Cincinnati. The cats are also traveling — to the very nice boarding place although they’re not going to be happy about their little vacation. I mean this place even has a  fish tank for them to watch and a whole climbing jungle gym, what more can we do!

Anyway we must be careful we don’t accidentally pack a cat in Chennai luggage. Here’s one of my little guys when we were packing suitcases for the most recent Chennai trip. I turn around and there he is:

He loves to get into bags of all kinds and luggage. Even his bed is a suitcase he claimed for himself! If you leave a bag sitting around open and unattended, you may find one of his toys dropped into it.

Cats really have been accidentally packed in luggage. See a story here where the suitcase even got picked up by the wrong person! Thankfully the cat got back home safely.

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