Very Important Research: Paint!

My current research publications of choice: Asian Paints booklets. Because at this point in the wall paint ballgame, we must firm up a plan and choose paint colors. I know what I want from American and European paint companies, but I’ve never used paint in India before. Asian Paints websites and the booklets below are helping me get an advance idea of colors to narrow down the choices:

A sneak preview of what’s in store for you here:

While the above brochure shares special paint effects, including with metallic paints, the following booklet shows simpler walls:

Sneak preview:

I put these here because I’ll be referring to them often as we choose our wall paint colors. My trip to Chennai is confirmed for late November so it’s time to stop dreaming and start deciding!

All images from Asian Paints.

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6 Replies to “Very Important Research: Paint!”

  1. All the best to u! Colours r the essence of the room, and its so imposrtant to get the right shade at the right place!Do keep us posted on how each room worked out!

      1. Dear India-pied-a-terre, thank you for sharing our publication. To help with overall painting decisions, Asian Paints also has a handy and interactive online painting guide: The Asian Paints Happy Painting Guide. You can go through it at where you can mix and match shades as well as save and share your customised guide.
        Asian Paints

        1. Thank you so much, Asian Paints! I will definitely go through the Happy Painting Guide and save colors in a guide so we’re ready when we get to Chennai. By the way, you have an excellent helpful website.

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