Dining Table: His vs Hers

During our India trip in November/December we will visit a gentleman in Mysore who creates furnishings from reclaimed wood. Recycling old pieces into new is all the rage right now and it fits with our belief that not everything should be built with entirely new resources. With all the economic growth on this planet, we should repurpose as much as we can, everywhere.

A dining table is the perfect piece to make of reclaimed wood as it’s chunky and big and consumes lots of wood.

The master of the pied-à-terre wants something like these dining tables from Arhaus, and big like 72″ diameter (I better get better at converting to metric, stat!):

The lady of the pied-à-terre sees something different. She has been thinking about dining tables for awhile, as she wrote about them back on December 28, 2010. Such as this from Restoration Hardware:

And this, very cool from Costatini:

You see a few differences here? You remember that show on HGTV where the designer found the common ground between the differing styles of the man and the woman of the house? He diplomatically brought the warring parties to compromise.

You can see a few potential compromises here, if we went the compromising route. The master of the house likes the round shape and the curved turned wood bases. The lady likes the farmhouse feel of the trestle and the space efficiency of a rectangular shape. Here’s an option with both:

In a few months, we shall see what dining table winds up in the pied-à-terre! Thus far our his n’ hers collaborations are producing a wonderful kitchen and bathrooms and open style living space (pics soon, soon …) and I’m confident we’ll create a beautiful dining area too!

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    1. Thank you Anu! I do visit and always get new ideas at your blog. I love the Diwali lanterns you posted recently — great autumn colors in them too. And the items your shop, absolutely beautiful choices! Drool-worthy definitely.

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