India pied-à-terre Floor Plan Reveal

I just realized, we’ve been working with a floor plan for years, but it’s never been shared here! So before we go further with posts about paint inspiration, I’ll show you the floor plan so you have a sense of place. Here it is:

I deleted all the details and room sizes so the plan is not cluttered up, but all total it’s about 1,500 sq ft. It’s about half the size of our house but it’s a second home plus it has a 1,500 st ft outdoor garden terrace sitting atop another apartment. So there’s plenty of outdoor living to do here!

Now let’s see the wall paint inspiration photos paired with locations in the apartment:

All these images have been key inspiration in previous posts. I want the wall paint to bring the feeling of these images in rooms in the India pied-à-terre.

I’m kind of living on the wild side with paint plans though. While I’ve replicated rich dark brown leather on the bottom half of my husband’s home office walls and old terra cotta walls in our guest room, I took time to test colors and practice on numerous boards to get the effects I wanted. I don’t know if I’ll have advance prep time for that, or the patience of people to drive me to and from a Chennai paint store  a bazillion times to get just the right color samples. It really is best to test, test, test …

When you visit India, it has a certain way of “breaking you down.” What it does for me is breaks down my perfectionistic tendencies. Gotta be just right, just so. Um, no, says India and after awhile you make the best you can do with what you have available. I won’t say I don’t still have conflicts about that!

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