Joyful Colorful Rooms

After yesterday’s post about restraint, I’m feeling, ah … restrained … like I want to kick my way out of something. Playing out before you right here might be a big internal conflict I have over the direction to take the India apartment! Because  my next instinct after the “restraint post” was to do a “color post.” So here it is, joyful rooms with color …

Love this room, found at 1st dibs and photographed by Melanie Acevedo:

Via Nikreations:

Next two images found at Bazaar of Serendipity:

Found at American Gypsy Living:

Via Natalie Jagers Pinterest:

Via Jeffers Design Group:

Via House to Home:

Found at Libbie Grove Design:

Found at Design Darling:

You know, the words we choose to describe things might reflect what we think about things, if we pay attention to the words. Why did I choose “restraint” to describe how to create a “restful” room? Could a restful room not also be joyful and colorful? Compared to this colorful post, it seems I must think restraint sucks all the joy out of rooms and life. What do I really think about all this? Heck if I know now. I’m really confused. All I know is, when I think about restful, I see someone lying there with a book or something else solitary. When I think about joyful, I see people laughing and waving their arms around and maybe even jumping. Does what a room looks like really matter to these?

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