Glimpses of Darjeeling

The days between now and visiting India can be counted on two hands — getting so excited — and I’ve been thinking of past trips to India. I like to take photos of smaller glimpses of things. Here are a few from Darjeeling:

I kind of like grittier things more than prettier things. I think grit has more story behind it.

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3 Replies to “Glimpses of Darjeeling”

    1. Thanks Divya. That last photo was fun. I had to nearly lie down on the steps of a shop to photograph the railings and I took so many photos. The shop owner came out to see what was going on! I went back later in the day when the sun was shining to take more photos of this and those photos are warmer color, but I didn’t like them as much. I didn’t want to be lying down on the steps again and as a result, the angle of those photos are different. The shop owner said a big dog knocked down the third iron piece, where the little stub is sticking up. Some big dog!

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