India pied-à-terre Master Bedroom Paint Plan

Okay the previous post wasn’t the last before we travel. We’re at the dining room table with an assembly line to finish my husband’s business holiday cards before we leave, and my job is faster. So during downtime, I’m gathering details for the master bedroom painting that I’ll do in the India apartment … in a few days! Woooo! After imagining it for over a year now …

Here’s the inspiration photo, found at Vogue Living:

My vision for the master bedroom was discussed here over a year ago! Surprisingly it hasn’t changed since. Another year-long inspiration is block print bedding like this from Les Indiennes which is, I believe, made with traditional block printing techniques in Southern India not too far from Chennai:

On a low platform bed similar to this (I’ve discussed bed styles for the master bedroom previously) from Kismet:

We’ll have something similar made for us with this Chinese style leg to mix with Moroccan stencils and Indian block prints. I like mixing up global style!

So now, the walls. Colors will be like the first inspiration photo above. My bluepoint Siamese cat is inspiring the colors. Yes, don’t worry your eyes aren’t going bad. You read that right. My bluepoint Siamese is gorgeous and peaceful to look at. Her colors blend wonderfully and naturally. Why not use her as inspiration?

I’ll use her darker ear and tail colors for the wall’s stencil areas, and the beige color of her body for the remainder of the walls.

To create a tall lattice pattern like the first inspiration photo, I found the perfect stencils at Royal Design Studio — Star Diamonds Large and Star Diamonds Small:

This stencil is perfect to get this look. I’m so excited, I’ll do this room first.

We’ll likely use paint from Asian Paints which has dealers near the Chennai apartment’s neighborhood. Potential colors:

I’m leaning toward the colors in the right column.

Some decorative accents will be glassy blue, for the Siamese cat’s blue eyes:

Here’s where the master bedroom fits in the grand scheme of inspiration photos:

I’ll likely next blog about the paprika color alcove, because that’s another painting project I’m really excited about.

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5 Replies to “India pied-à-terre Master Bedroom Paint Plan”

  1. if you need any help with your stencils , I am in. Just send me a airplane ticket…I”ll work for free. I dream to come to India.
    I have been doing decorating painting for past 25 years and still loving it I I was with Melanie Royal’s group in Morocco .We had so much fun painting a beautiful yoga mat at Peacock Pavillon. Also we used her Modello stencils ( a little bit more challenging to use though) on a black door. I just finished to create a moroccan decor on a showroom in NYC called Holiday House (affiliated with G.Komen for the Cure) also using Melanie ‘s stencils…check it out on my Facebook page…and look forward to hear from you.

    1. :) I’d love for more people to experience India! Peacock Pavilion painting is so beautiful, I hope to have something as beautiful! I just spent some time looking through your Facebook photos — thanks for sharing them, it’s neat to see behind the scenes. I hope if my husband’s family likes what we do in our apartment, maybe someday we can take over painting the whole building! There are outside walls, a 4-story stairwell to the apartments, outdoor terraces, balconies. Even in our place, I’m thinking interior doors and some furniture could be painted and ornamented with stencils. I got a book called “Designs and Motifs from India” by Marty Noble from Amazon — lots of inspiration there.

        1. Oh my goodness Sylvie, now that I see more of your background and training, I don’t feel worthy! :) My vision is to get more people in my in-laws’ neighborhood in Chennai to want to bring more beauty into their environment with paint. There are so many plain concrete walls. Why! With all the color and decorative arts in India, there must be a way to inspire people to do something with these surfaces. I hope to give them an example in our apartment & show them what can be done. My ultimate vision is to not have this be only about our apartment, but to inspire other people too. I don’t think beauty is just frivolous — life is hard work and I believe people need some beauty in it to balance that.

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