Can Sectionals Be Stylish?

I’ve always believed sectionals belonged only in rooms with fake wood paneling where you watch Three’s Company and track time on a digital watch.

Do they belong in today’s rooms? I sense this question could pit people on opposite sides like Big Ten football. Or politics. Or people who can wear skinny jeans and people who can’t.

Well, we’re considering a sectional for the Chennai apartment’s living/TV area. We’ve been plopping down on sectionals in stores and they sure are comfortable. I like the idea of putting your feet up, nestling in and watching a good movie after a tough day in Chennai traffic and heat. But can sectionals be in stylish rooms? Let’s see …

Via Martha Stewart:

Via Houzz:

Via Desire to Inspire:

Via Desire to Inspire:

Via West Elm:

Via Restoration Hardware:

Via 1st dibs, photographed by Tim Street-Porter:

From Arhaus:

Where do you stand in the sectional debate? For? Against?

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4 Replies to “Can Sectionals Be Stylish?”

  1. I love RH’s sectionals. I do like them and would only consider putting one where I would watch TV… they are just so comfy!

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