Ceiling Fans with Lights

I’m not a big fan of ceiling fans. But in India, you need ceiling fans. We still must choose a ceiling fan for the kitchen, and it must have lights in it because it will provide the sole source of major light in the kitchen. This is usually a ghastly combination. But unfortunately it is a necessity to deal with. It’s becoming difficult to find an aesthetically pleasing choice among the places we know of in Chennai. So I search online. There is a Fanimation dealer in Mumbai.

The Inlet from Fanimation (this may not provide enough light):

Hubbardton Forge from Fanimation:

Air Shadow from Fanimation which has several different styles of light. Blades retract when the fan is not in use:

Sandella from Fanimation:

Or, do we install lights only in the ceiling and use a floor-standing fan when circulating air is needed in the kitchen:

Of course there is A/C installed throughout the apartment including over the dining area just outside the kitchen. But everyone is insisting we need a ceiling fan in the kitchen too. Sometimes despite what people insist, I will make my own choice. But with this, I don’t have the experience to know.

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4 Replies to “Ceiling Fans with Lights”

  1. Hi – Fans are a good idea in the kitchen because it can get very hot. You will need to turn the fan off while cooking or slow it down but at other times when one is preping or arranging the kitchen, it would be way too hot if there was no fan…

    1. Thank you Anjali, I had debated but will definitely put a ceiling fan in the kitchen. I’m trying to figure how to get enough lighting in the kitchen without making too much more mess. Our electrician had provisioned for ceiling fan/light and two lights on the walls. But one wall light outlet is right next to the exhaust hood that’s supposed to be a traditional Tuscan style hood, and a light doesn’t belong right next to it. So we covered that one up. The electrician must think I’m crazy. And now, I just don’t want to drill into the brick anymore to move electrical outlets, now that the interior is so far along toward being finished. But we may have to, we’ll see!

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