Cochin: Furnishings Found

Yesterday’s post about Crafters in Cochin shows fantastic items to be had there, but those items are eye candy for us now and not for the apartment. We bought a few things. Not many now, because we’re still a ways from fully furnishing the India pied-à-terre. And even then, it will be minimally furnished because it’s not a full-time home. But we could not pass up a few items.

They are a mix of styles but that is what I like, a global blend.

This lounge chair will rest before big balcony doors, thrown open on breezy days. Its undulating waves offer natural lumbar and knee support. So comfortable. The weave breathes on hot days. I’ve been waiting for a decade to get this chair! Since I first saw one on my first trip to India. It will be tough knowing I’ll need a plane ticket to sit in this chair:

Buddha hands as drawer/cabinet pulls. We got two to go on cabinets hiding the washer/dryer — why not make everything special:

We got one of these lanterns to add electrical and hang from the ceiling in the alcove.

The lantern will cast beautiful shadows as I’ve blogged about that inspiration before.

And this table for a coffee table. We liked the shape of the legs and how it is not too heavy visually. I like how it’s light but yet feels strong, masculine.

This table is older. Crafters also has shinier new ones. This old one needs repair in some spots, as you can see, but I like the patina on old pieces. We will set glass into it to make an even table surface. Here are more (shinier) tables available at Crafters:

Finally I just had to grab a Singer sewing machine base, because I sew home decor items enough that on the next trip here (whenever that is) I’ve already planned to bring my sewing machine to work here. The Singer base can double as a guest room nightstand. Right now it has a cheap wood top that can easily be painted or replaced:

Singer stands are pricey in vintage stores at home in the U.S. (unless you can score one on Craig’s List) but common here in India as they’re still in service everywhere.

The chair, table, Singer base and lantern are being shipped from Cochin to Chennai. They may arrive on Friday. Or they may not arrive on Friday. Whether they do or do not arrive on Friday, I leave to return to Chicago on Saturday morning. I may see these in the India pied-à-terre during this trip, or I may have to wait until the next trip. Such as it is! I’ve learned to accept the pace  in India as I alone cannot change it.

However I did pick up some smaller pieces at Crafters that can fit in a suitcase and will make a blog appearance when I get back to Chicago.

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4 Replies to “Cochin: Furnishings Found”

  1. These things are absolutely beautiful and are a clue to the interesting and lovely way this culture thinks. Your home will be fascinating.

  2. Love that table Deb and the lounge chair! Your place will be beautiful when it is all done and furnished!!!

    You leave to go to Chicago on Saturday morning, just as I will be too, however, I will most likely be back home before you get there!!!!

  3. This is beauuuutiful! I happened to somehow come across your blog and I just had to comment! My family is originally from Cochin, but my parents, husband and I live in Texas. Where in Cochin are all these shops and what are the names? Thank you!! I’m sure your home in India is going to be beauuutiful! -Mala

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