Cochin: The Ones That Got Away

You know the things you leave behind in shops, but they don’t leave your memory so quickly? These are those things. We left them behind in Cochin and I wish we hadn’t.

This piece represents my husband’s name (I should start calling him “P,” much shorter to type):

Reclining Buddhas. P needed to check with his mom regarding how big of a Buddha or Hindu deity you can keep in the house. Apparently it’s OK to keep larger Buddhas. We liked the soft coppery color of these reclining Buddhas:

Old copper water heaters. We thought one of these could be used to hold water instead of the ugly 15-gallon plastic jugs delivered to homes. We got the idea from November’s Elle Decor India magazine which featured a new hammered copper water heater. Very beautiful. These old ones are pricey and need a lot of restoration to be serviceable. We may seek a new one during a future trip. Right now they look like they should be sitting on the roof of an industrial manufacturing plant and not in a nice apartment. But with restoration they could be pretty:

I’ll do a separate post about our (thus far) futile search for the right unique pieces to fashion bathroom vanities. One idea was to find beautiful carved wood to attach under a wall-mounted granite counter. We found this carved wood piece and it was perfect. We were so excited. And at first the price was very good. Until they realized this was a nice old piece from a temple, and the price rose dramatically. Too much to cut up for a bathroom vanity. And besides the price, a piece this nice and old shouldn’t be cut up for that purpose anyway. So we still seek something like this:

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