An Evening Walk in the Neighborhood: Beauty of Lights

On my last evening in India, we took a walk around our apartment’s neighborhood. Firecrackers beckoned us out beyond the gates …

Diyas and kolam (or, rangoli):

Generations live here. We passed the home of our nephew’s friend, who came out to chat. This friend is the son of a friend of my husband, when he was in school.

Beyond the beautiful gates of this beautiful home, more beauty … of candlelights.

Another kind of light — firecrackers — were set off in the street:



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2 Replies to “An Evening Walk in the Neighborhood: Beauty of Lights”

  1. once again, the beauty of the Indian mind is amplified in the artwork of ordinary citizens.

    1. I agree! I was admiring pots that someone had left empty by the garden area, and found later that the neighbor’s little boy (like, 5-6-7 years old!) had painted them because he wanted something different than the usual terra cotta. He did a nice job. When we eventually get some pots, I’m going to copy that little boy’s idea!

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