Time for Tea and Time to Breathe

I almost got hit numerous times in parking lots last week by harried drivers rushing from one holiday errand to another. You could see the crazy on their faces, even. That was more times I nearly got splattered by vehicles than when I was trying to cross busy roads on foot in India! You know, a car crash sure could mess up a lot more than the day’s to-do list, so parking lots aren’t the place to try to catch up. You can’t go very fast for very long there, anyway. That’s how illogically crazy the holidays get, folks. 

This isn’t how the holidays are supposed to be. Maybe we set our expectations too high and we do this to ourselves. Take a break for a moment, right here:

Kick your shoes off. Put your feet up. Have some tea. Chat with a friend for awhile.

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2 Replies to “Time for Tea and Time to Breathe”

  1. How true, the holidays should be for kicking back and catching up. I don’t venture out after the 22nd. The roads are crazy. I spent all of today curled up with a book. Bliss.

    I’d love to hang out in your little tea room. :) Hope you manged to get some R&R during the holidays this year!

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