India, Imagined at Olioboard

One of my favorite creative outlets online (besides this blog of course) is Olioboard. Have you heard of it yet? With Olioboard, you can easily create realistic rooms or fantastic imagined spaces that look like nothing we’ve ever seen before. And there’s a fun community of talented people there who love interior design and decoration.

You can play with products in Olioboard image libraries, and you can even pin your own products during online surfing, including things that you’d buy “in real life” (try them out first in an Olioboard moodboard) or things that you cannot possibly ever afford. That’s how Olioboard serves as my fantasy playground — I play with antiques from 1st dibs, and furniture and accessories from One King’s Lane that either someone else beat me to the shopping cart, or that would have bounced my checking account up to the high heavens. But with Olioboard, you can have all these things!

Olioboard runs theme contests and a recent one was “Inspiration India.” Yeah!! Here’s some beautiful moodboards …

This one was created by Panache — she’s won a lot of contests there, and this moodboard was the #1 winner in the India contest:

This moodboard by adrianad won second place:

The #3 winner by joci37:

Rajasthani moodboard by vasudilip (she also runs the beautiful Cherishing Spaces blog):

Another one by joci37 — a hidden sanctuary:

By lidia, an outdoors scene:

Very vibrant, by arquidoll:

More vibrant color by marialuisalim:

Where’s mine?? Well, I was on an Internet hiatus. Because I was in India living the real life, no imagination necessary! Plus I’ve made a lot of moodboards over the past year, so it’s OK. The folks who made these India moodboards are from all over the world — Romania, Brazil, the Philippines — c’mon over to Olioboard and join us!

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