Happy New Year!

A virtual New Year’s Eve view from an imaginery hotel.

I wish all my wonderful visitors here a very prosperous and happy 2012!

A Taj Mahal travel story:

I had wanted to photograph the Taj Mahal from afar at night (my dream was to have dinner at the Oberoi), then again in dawn light the next day. We left Delhi with plenty of time to reach the Taj before evening. On the highway from Delhi to Agra, we saw exit signs saying “Taj Mahal” but our driver kept going straight. We figured maybe he knew a better way. Turns out, our driver didn’t know any way to to the Taj Mahal or nearby hotels! Whaaa?!? We wound up in an area in Agra where tourists should never go. The driver didn’t speak English or Tamil and my husband doesn’t speak much Hindi. But we had to find a way to direct the driver to our hotel, and somehow we did despite never having been there before and lacking GPS. An angel must have been guiding us. By the time we got to our hotel, we were crabby and tired, so no Oberoi and no Taj at night.

So above, finally, is my virtual view of the Taj Mahal at night.

And in the link below, you can see a few photos from our visit to the Taj …

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