Fantastic Fuschia Fantasies

Finally it snowed in Chicago. So it’s white all around. Perfect time for another color post. This time, let’s think pink … or fall for fuschia … or root for raspberry! First here’s a moodboard I created. Chill for awhile in this restful area. Then ascend the pink stairs to the exotic city streets above:

This place exists only in imagination. So let’s look at some real pink spaces you can visit and pink things you can touch …

This is a stunning quilt called “Mumbai” made by artist Rita Dijkstra and featured at World of Threads Festival:

According to World of Threads, this India-inspired quilt is made of cotton, oil crayons, rubber, silk threads, organza, beads and angelwire. The rubbings are made with oil crayons and stamped with gold paint. The quilt is layered with organza, and quilted with waves, some accented with beads and sequins. I would love art like this for display!

Just enough fuschia here, found at Live.Like.You blog:

Found at Whorange:

Found at Slim Paley:

From The Washington Post:

Found at The Visual Vamp:

Found at InteriorHolic:

If a roomful of pink is too much, how about just a smidgen? Here’s an old tikka pot from India, found at Scaramanga:

Strung amulets, also at Scaramanga:

You can get some of this pink fun from Graham and Green:

And hey, join my India Colors Pinterest Board for more pink, plus many other bright beautiful colors. If you need a shot of color sometimes, this delivers:

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  1. The amulets on your pink cord are called TAWIZ. They are muslim and the hollow ones hold prayers, the others stave off illness and bad luck.

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