2012 Goal: Be Bolder, Brighter, BIGGER

“Be like, BAM.”

Someone wrote that on a Pinterest pin, and it struck me. That’s what 2012 should be.

Instead of a beige terrycloth robe (like, uh, my robe), get a robe made of strips of faux fur. And not just one fur, many furs mixed together! Like the robe I got for my sister for Christmas. Here the robe has already gone on a tropical vacation and nearly had its own cabana boy for lunch:

Why not get a robe like that for myself? See now, that’s why the need for a goal.

Instead of a regular ol’ 3-foot scarf, get a 10-foot long chunky scarf and wrap it around and around with some to spare. Like the scarf that my sister and her husband made for me for Christmas:

Instead of the small reclining Buddha that you can cradle in one hand, get the 42″ long reclining Buddha you can see from clear across the whole India apartment:

Instead of a dainty mirror, get the big rustic wood and metal mirror with strength and presence, even if you can’t yet figure out how you’ll get it to India. You will figure it out eventually and it will look fabulous in the entry next to the 100-year-old main door which is polished on the front, but has exposed bolts and a big rustic sliding wood lock on the interior side (you went bold with that choice, why not keep going):

Believe me, the mirror is big. When it arrived on the porch I thought “what are we going to do with this thing?” Well the India apartment does have 10-foot ceilings and big open spaces. Plenty of room for a big mirror.

Instead of baubles that don’t yell out “be like, BAM” get the blingy stuff with big personality. When I wear delicate pieces, no one comments on them. When I wear a 5″ cuff of gold, even when it’s dark at an atmospheric candlelit charity dinner, it shines in the candlelight and gets attention and questions. Here’s a pile of various bangles and bracelets from my jewelry drawer. Back in December there were many more, but I shared the loot with female family for Christmas:

Believe it or not, this post actually isn’t about acquiring more! Overall, get less. Rather, when you do have to get something, make it count, really count.

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4 Replies to “2012 Goal: Be Bolder, Brighter, BIGGER”

  1. I absolutely love this attitude expressed in your article & completely agree – life isn’t about getting truck-loads of stuff, but making everything you DO get count, make it special!

    That mirror is so incredibly awesome! So much better than a lot of the smaller, more delicate designs – good choice! Also, loving your jewellery drawer with the statement bling – definitely my kind of girl ;) and the scarf your sister & her husband made you for Christmas is so gorgeous! The colours are so warm & rich – it looks cosy!!

    Stay stylish :)

    The Image Mistress, xoxo

    1. Thank you Image Mistress – yes I think people could be happier with less things, but things that are very carefully chosen. Choose the things you really love. Thank you for the wonderful comments! :)

    1. Hello, it is actually wallpaper which was here when we moved in — and *blush* an old door with kama sutra scenes on it, which I was trying not to get too much in focus!! :) The door has light color dirt and dust on it and we just left it that way all these years!

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