Why I Vote for Not Making the Bed

Let us count the reasons …

10. Few people see it unmade. And if I think it’s possible someone will see the bedroom — such as people checking in on pets while we’re on vacation — I will make the bed.

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9. Of the people who do see it, I really don’t care what they think about it not being made. Honestly. I believe they are close enough to me to judge my worth in this world based on other things.

8. No magazine will photograph my master bedroom on a surprise unscheduled visit any time soon.

7. And if this did happen to happen, I prefer photographs of unmade beds. They’re far more interesting. Don’t believe it? Check out my Pinterest Bedrooms Board. See if you look at the photos of sheets and blankets with perfect hospital corners as long as you look at the photos of crumpled bedding.

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6. Actually, the argument that “the bed will get messy again soon” doesn’t hold water. So will dinner plates get messy again soon. I wash plates despite that fact. The litterbox will get messy again soon (often as soon as I turn my back on it). Nevertheless, I still clean the litterbox. Weeds will make the gardens messy again right after I pull the weeds. I still pull the weeds. So the reason to not make the bed must be something else …

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5. If the purpose is to build discipline and routine, there are many other ways to practice that. I clean the litterbox regularly. I hang towels the same way every day and they must be straight. I have a pretty darn solid coffee-drinking routine. Same thing with blueberry scones — pretty regular eating schedule there too. I wear some kind of footwear every day I go somewhere public, without fail. I always use a key to start my car engine. I always leave my house through a door. See? No problem with routines and discipline here.  :)

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4. It’s important to be committed to your convictions. I blogged exactly one year ago today about this admiration of unmade beds. I still have the same beliefs. See? Strong consistent convictions.

3. Making the bed turns into cat playtime, with sharp claws grasping the sheets to stop sheets from moving. Great fun for felines, but it increases the chance that sheets and down comforters will tear and need repair or replacement. Better to not make the bed and have the cats play with fake mice instead.

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2. While making the bed, I often bump my shins or knees on the bedframe and get bruises. It hurts. Who willingly puts themselves repeatedly — daily — in situations where physical pain happens? Best to avoid that.

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And the #1 reason to not make your bed?

1. It wastes time. Even just 3 minutes to make the bed = 18.25 hours per year = 1,450 hours over an 80-year lifespan = 60.83 days of your life spent making the bed! Why?!? There are far better things to do with two months of life!

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 +1. A bonus reason! Stylist Emily Henderson appreciates unmade beds too.

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