Cher’s Indian Fantasy Home

Attn: Cher! Will you adopt me? I’d love to be a baby in this “crib!”

OK that’s the end of trying to be hip here. I’m now gonna go all ga-ga slobber all over this place. This is exactly how I see the India pied-à-terre when it’s done! It’s (for me) an ideal mix of natural colors, just enough patterns, Asian and western, new and old. Comfortable and just a little bit luxurious. Just enough nomadic feel. Carved wood. Symmetry.

This is Cher’s Hollywood penthouse, designed by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard and featured in Architectural Digest’s July 2010 issue. They called it an Indian Fantasy. They got that right!

If Cher is not going to adopt me anytime soon, I need to buy this back issue so I can live with it forever.

Oh, perfection
You drive me crazy with perfection

     – Cher

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