Holi Color Splash

Is there anything on this planet that compares to the colors of Holi?!? The photos here speak more than any words. These photos — and 700+ more bright colorful photos! — can be found at my Pinterest “India Colors” Board …

I don’t know original source of this (please comment if you do); even elephants get into Holi:

The calm before the colorful storm, from Yahoo India Answers Blog about Holi:

Watch out, here it comes! I don’t know original source of this one either. So much fun:

Holi by photographer Jitendra Singh on Flickr:

Another by travel photographer Jitendra Singh on Flickr:

From Arthur Magazine:

I’d love to be in India for Holi! Any festival that lets you, as an adult, throw things around in public with wild abandon has to be so much fun! See many more images from Holi 2011 at The Atlantic and at Juxtapoz, along with the smiles of people having great fun.

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3 Replies to “Holi Color Splash”

  1. Hello, I was wondering if you ever found the source of this photo. I would love a copy! Thank you!! Love your blog!!

  2. Beautiful post.
    If you like Holi, here is another post with some of the gorgeous images to bring a smile on your face.
    Happy Reading..

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