Pourin’ on the Paprika Paint

In keeping with my 2012 goals to do more and get bolder, after 7 years of looking at beige dining room walls in our Chicago home, it’s time to pour on some color …

By Lisa Cohen Photography:

I’ve written of my love for this terra cotta or paprika color here and an encore post here. With luscious photos!

The final result should be deep and rich, like the walls in this house in Nisyros by George Koukourakis:

Or like the colors in this house in San Miguel de Allende shown at Casa Midy:

Here’s a gorgeous color from Yolo Colorhouse:

What a feeling color can give you. From Exclusively.in:

Next up, before and after photos of our dining room that’s going from beige to bold …

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5 Replies to “Pourin’ on the Paprika Paint”

  1. Heaven, I love this color. I wanted to go with darker in my ‘new’ old house, but it was built in 1786 and is very dark inside…so I stuck with taupes and yellows with one bold statement of a sort of greenish yellow in the dining room and master bedroom…well, we’ll see how long it is before I get the itch to change it. :)

    1. I know, our house is darker too. I love this dining room color but sometimes I do want to change it to a lighter color because it’s dark in that room even during the day. Maybe it’s a “grass is greener” thing!

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