The Blue Tape Blues

I’m in the midst of pourin’ on the paprika paint in our dining room. This is the stage when my feet hurt from the ladder rungs, back is sore from bending over, paint is stuck to my fingers and toes, and the whole place is a mess. I got the blue tape blues.

Here’s someone else who has the blue tape blues, but in a good way! Blue tape used to make a removeable pattern on walls, shown at Little Green Notebook:

Our dining room walls are almost done and while there were some bouts of doubt when I started painting, we now see it’s gonna look good! Everything is looking richer against the paprika color.

So here’s some paprika and terra cotta color inspiration to keep me goin’ …

From Alexander Lufer Flickr:

Another image from Alexander Lufer via Flickr:

Terra cotta wall by photographer Peter Baker:

These are actually really rusty rings:

These colors can be found everywhere, here on a door and its hardware. Anyone seen this  image before? Between Tumblr and Pinterest, original sources are getting completely eradicated! This doesn’t look like a typical tourist photo.

Same here, this image of a temple roof in China has been shared across Tumblr and Pinterest with source now lost. Please mention in comments if you know:

Soon enough, we’ll enjoy a finished dining room with this color! Our guest bedroom’s walls are painted this color and I love that room. It’s exciting to bring paprika/terra cotta to another room in the house, a room that we see all the time from the kitchen, living room and main hallway.

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