Pin Up Girl Friday: Gigantic Art

Remember when we ordered “school pictures” before digital cameras? It was expensive to develop 8 x 10’s, so you usually got one picture in that size and a special frame was chosen to show it off. It seemed huge compared to wallet photos and 3 x 5 vacation snapshots. So I grew up thinking an 11 x 14 frame was really big.

After college I visited New York City and the Met and MoMA. I had never seen art so big. My views and horizons were expanded. I flew home with two art posters crammed in a suitcase, a Kandinsky and another I forget who painted it, but it was two old guys on a city bench at night. I chose it because the light-filled windows behind the men reminded me of the expensive NYC apartments where I caught glimpses of big art on the walls. I hoped to have big art like that one day. Bold pieces with uncontainable personalities, filling the rooms and nearly bursting through the windows.

Now I seek big art. There are a few walls that beg for something. But it’s not easy to think so big. My eyes have been “in training” on Pinterest …

From Chicago Home+Garden:

From An Afternoon With (in the Manhattan apartment of Jason, a CNN correspondent):

This Washington DC Georgtown home, found at Splendid Sass and from the April 2011 issue of Veranda, showcases many pieces of large art created by the homeowner:

Very pleasing arrangement. By photographer Emily Jenkins Followill:

From Desire to Inspire:

Found at Mark D Sikes, from Town & Country:

The Decorologist rearranged and redesigned a home to better highlight art. This was once a dining room, now an office — what vision to see what’s possible:

Manuscrit Rug” hung as art, shown at DWR blog:

From 1stdibs photo archive, by Tria Giovan Photography:

Via Carrier and Company (this image is discussed at Canadian House & Home in a good article about playing with scale:

In keeping with my 2012 resolution to “live bigger and bolder,” any new art added to our house will be big — no more 11×14 here! I’ll have an eye out for big art in India for our Chennai apartment too — lots of empty wall space there.

As of right now, there are about 250 more images of rooms with big art in my Pinterest Board, Decor-Big Art. Check them out!


(who is thinking Pinterest is struggling with its rapid growth, getting very slow compared to a year ago)

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