There’s That Chair Again

I’m talkin’ a certain chair.

Notice how the chair lies low. It lets the table be the center of attention. You’re not looking at chair backs sticking up all around. Which is fine, if that’s what you want. For our Chennai apartment, low-backed chairs and less visual noise is part of what I seek to create a cool, calm environment. I want focus to be on the walls and art by India artists I plan to collect in the future. Not so much focus on the furniture. The furniture can recede in the background.

The chair pops up on Pinterest occasionally, here in this image via Remodelista:

Here’s a similar version uploaded by a Pinterest user:

I’d love this chair’s shape for the Chennai apartment’s dining table, but in a woven seat version by Savafieh. That’s for circulation when you’re sitting, because it gets hot there. Here it is:

I found the chair in Chennai last year! At Kian:

If I did get this chair at Kian, I would either change the seat to a breathable fabric and batting, or have it replaced with a woven seat like the Savafieh chair. That would involve research to create a weave that 1.) holds up over time and 2.) doesn’t damage fine silk sari fabrics. We don’t think about fine silk rubbing on upholstery in Chicago, but it’s one consideration for visitors in the Chennai apartment. I know from personal experience what havoc a rough patch in an autorickshaw can wreak on a treasured silk skirt!

Oh this chair. So close but so far.

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