Good Finds at Good Earth in Chennai, India

I need to get my mind out of the gutter that is our Chicago basement lately, and find a happier place, like the original purpose of this blog:  decorating the India apartment!

We visited Good Earth while in Chennai last year. Good Earth had the merchandise mix we love:  comfy upholstered furniture, old Chinese cabinets and tables, plus a dash of India. This is pretty much the style in our Chicago home.

Things we saw at Good Earth …

I like this interpretation of columns, fashioned of wood and painted silver:

Cozy seating upstairs:

The Chennai apartment’s living room furniture may wind up similar to the arrangement above. With a sectional, coffee table and a few chairs. Natural color furniture accented with brighter colors in pillows and small furniture.

After visiting numerous lighting shops with an overload of LED strips flashing primary colors like Christmas lights indoors year-round, my husband liked the quieter elegance of the chandeliers at Good Earth:

They had many chandeliers like this, some small and some big.

There was a Chinese opium bed coffee table with red lacquer legs and sides and a woven top; I thought I snapped a pic of it. It was gorgeous! It was just like this one found online at Admiralty Antiques, but it looked far better in Good Earth’s Chinese+India styled living room setting:

Here are images from Good Earth India:

Here’s a Good Earth store, from a Huffington Post story about the woman who founded the company:

You can see there, the mix of Chinese style influence with Indian. An Indian Summer blog post also gives a peek into Good Earth’s design process with luscious photos of Good Earth merchandise.

We purchased some pillows. I will photograph them soon. I brought them back to the U.S. because I didn’t want to be without them. You can tell I’m gonna have a hard time decorating an apartment that will mostly be on the other side of the planet! It can’t all be brought home with me!

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