Allium Floral Fireworks Centerpiece

When the globes of allium flowers burst so big in the spring, they’re always a surprise. I know they’re there, lurking under the soil surface, but each year the bulbs spread and the display gets more spectacular.

But what’s more surprising is the fireworks display that remains after the first burst. It just lasts and lasts. Yes it’s a bit neutral in color, but you can spraypaint dried allium flowers any color you want, or dust them with twinkly sparkly powder. Each year, a landscaping business near us paints its huge allium globes purple to keep the color going into the summer.

I popped dried alliums into a quick and easy table centerpiece in our sunroom:

See here I tried to get most of the “fireworks” high enough so you’re not trying to look through them while talking over a meal:

When I saw this crate said “alium” I snapped it right up. You can get a wooden crate like this too, from Mat & Janes Knobs&Knockers on eBay. The glass is from lemonade bottles:

The placemats and chargers are from Target, on a teak table. The sunroom overlooks gardens in our backyard:

The sunroom runs along the back of our house. Sometimes if you’re lucky in the mornings or evenings, you can step out there and find deer frolicking in the backyard. Lately a mother has been bringing her fawn to eat apples that are falling off the apple trees. Unfortunately this room is not temperature-controlled and it’s been a hot summer here in Chicago. We haven’t used the room much this year. I miss it, there’s so much view but it’s also very private:

The sunroom was added at some point onto the exterior of the house. See that big frame back there? I need to cover that wall with something colorful in the frame! I’m thinking abstract poppies, to remind us of our vacation to Tuscany. The allium globes here help break up all the lines in this room:

That’s it, a quick and easy natural centerpiece, perfect for a space that leads out to the garden!

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