Inspiring Studios and Creative Work Spaces

Creative work spaces are on my mind – I need to move all my DIY and craft stuff to a basement studio. These spaces look like they’d push creative spirits to new heights …

This is my #1 favorite, found at Honey Pie Living. The stone would make me want to make the most of texture in hobbies. The whiteness and lightness leave room for colorful imagination to play:

The cabinet in the next studio would make me want to work there 24/7 and gaze at it (but that wouldn’t help productivity, would it), via House Beautiful:

And a big broad table is a necessity for many hobby spaces.

You also need ample storage. Oh my goodness, what goodness could be hiding in all these drawers! Via Skarp Agent by Stellan Herner:

This table may be enormous, but I’d find a way to use the whole thing as a creative playground:

You can see someone is inspired here (I don’t know original source):

The big bright lights in the above photos are a must too. Make sure ample lighting is over your working space, and that you have task lighting closer to you too. Many hobbies require close-up vision.

In this image via Lonny, the beams, the lattice on the doors, the many patterns that stimulate your visual senses:

Clearly already, you see I have a “type” for a hobby studio. For hobbies where I play with lots of color, I prefer a natural/beige/white space. But for an office for writing, I would want far more color.

I’d also rather not face a wall. Sitting with your back to a door is bad feng shui, but sitting at a desk butted up against a wall, with your back to the room, also doesn’t feel right. Having said that, I’ve spent workdays for the past eight years in an office with exactly that set-up! So my favorite rooms have a big table in the middle, or a desk facing into the room.

Found at greige:

This was the office of Brooke Giannetti of Velvet & Linen — a gorgeous space:

If you want to see more offices and studios, I’ve collected over 170 photos on a Pinterest board.

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