A Swinging Chair for Chennai

It was in a store window somewhere along the streets of T Nagar last year. It could hang from the ceiling hook in the corner of the master bedroom. By the window, so you could curl up with a book next to good light. And, swing while you read …

Since seeing that swinging chair, I’ve collected some on Pinterest. I’m not sure of original source of this one, but it’s perfect in this room and safe with strong wood beams for suspension:

Via Living etc:

Via Spirit of Christmas Fair, so cozy:

They’re sort of like half-cocoons, aren’t they? They would cradle you. Or, maybe these are more like nests? Yeah, nests. For people.

This one, uploaded by user onto Pinterest:

Via Anthropologie:

Here’s a more colorful version from Anthropologie:

Swinging chairs like these are perfect for a second home, a vacation home, the place where you go to escape your everyday life for a bit. Don’t you think so?

Pier I has a swinging chair too:

Tuck some John Robshaw mirrored pillows into it for comfort:

This is an idea for only one corner of one room for the Chennai apartment (but an idea that surely may happen for real). To see more inspiration for decorating our second home apartment in India, visit a Pinterest Board full of gorgeous photos.

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5 Replies to “A Swinging Chair for Chennai”

  1. Love love these kind of chairs, but nowhere here to hang them. I found one recently that was free standing (like a bird cage hanging from its own floor arm/hook) but it was more of a lounge than a chair and the hook had a canopy. Sadly, it was primary RED (blegh!) and about 5 inches too high off the ground to be able to mount (there’s no more appropriate word, lol) with, say, a glass of any liquid. Hahaha. I try all the rounded ones I see but they’re always uncomfortable…as a Chiro I don’t like being force curled forward (like airplane seat head rests do) especially for reading. A slight recline is safer for the neck. -signed- Ergonomic Nerd

    1. Ha that’s funny to think how you really get in and out of these! I had a butterfly chair once, and even as a young flexible college student, it could be awkward getting up out of the thing. Hmmm, I haven’t actually SAT in one of these hanging chairs. Maybe that would be a good idea …

      Oh by the way, I remember a post years ago at the Brooklyn Limestone blog where Mrs. Limestone found the perfect patio set, but it was red. So she spray painted it black, and it looked great. I wouldn’t have had the vision to see that!

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