Columns as objet d’art

Somewhere in the India apartment there will be a column or two. But they won’t be there to exert muscle strength and support the structure. Instead they’ll casually hang around, maybe even be lazy and lean a little bit. The only job requirement will be to have good looks. Like these columns …

We saw these at Crafters in Fort Kochi, India last year:

Next are half columns that are flat on the back, so they could stand against a wall. They’re not very exciting here, but don’t let the current look of something stop you. They could be painted, they could become fabulous:

We saw these column capitals (?) at Crafters and imagined them as bases for low tables with glass tops:

This exquisite column was in our hotel in Kochi:

How about these columns with original blue paint from the early 1800s, available at Eron Johnson Antiques:

From SalvageOneChicago, teak columns the color of butterscotch:

I also like the idea of making new creative interpretations of old things, like these painted wood columns that greeted us at Good Earth in Chennai last year:

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