Photos of Scrapbook Paper

So I was bored in my office long after business hours, waiting for a customer service response one day. What else to do but take Instagrams of scrapbook paper hanging on the wall?

The above image is a small part of the design from this piece of 12″ x 12″ scrapbook paper:

Which is part of this group of papers mounted on wood panels, hanging on my office wall (see the DIY post showing how to make this):

There are an endless choice of patterns in scrapbook papers. And these photos are making me think, why not take photos of small sections of paper patterns, to make new patterns? Then if you’re really ambitious, you can also manipulate the images in Photoshop or other program. Then print them out. You have new images! Fun!

Here are more Instagrams I took of the above papers, and applied Instagram filters to some of them to make them look different. This pattern is in the center bottom in the above image. Here it is lighter:

This is just a corner of a paper:

More pattern:

If you photograph just a part of the pattern, such as the one above, and manipulate it in Photoshop, you can easily create a new look:

This could be cool if you wanted to create an Andy Warhol type effect of four different colors of a scrapbook paper you own.

I have a whole stack of papers, and will look at them with an entirely different eye now. The possibilities!

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