Olioboard: Have You Tried It?

Most of us cannot create new rooms every day … in real life. But on Olioboard, you can!

You can create rooms that look realistic, like this loft that I “staged” for real estate showings:

You can play around with pairing things that you don’t own, but wish you did (and on Olioboard, you can buy some things!). Here is some furniture I liked, and wanted to see how it looked together:

You can tell a story, like this writer’s lair just after the frustrated writer stomped off-screen, in search of inspiration to get the words flowing again (or maybe a beer):

As you can see, I tend to like slightly tattered rooms. Because I would never do these in real life but they can be made on Olioboad. You can create absolutely any style — beach cottage, urban loft, Bali retreat, log cabin, man cave, frilly hobby studio, 50s style, futuristic style, anything at all! Your imagination is your only limit.

Sometimes I like to create “still lifes” like this one where a Nagaland textile is paired with other strong graphic things:

Sometimes I push to mix colors and patterns that I wouldn’t usually put together. This next image may not be a risk for someone else, but it is for me:

My favorite creations are places I would wish to travel to:

Are you wondering where you get the “things” to make these images? Well, you build a collection and there’s many ways to do it: Olioboard has a big library with its partners, and you can add backgrounds and other objects used in other people’s Olioboards to your own collection. Olioboard has a toolbar feature, just like Pinterest, that you can use to pin objects to your Olioboard collection. For my Olioboard collection, I look for either cool backgrounds, or objects with white or transparent backgrounds. 1st dibs is my favorite hunting ground for images!

So try it out. There’s a whole community there, and contests too. One contest this year was to create a New Year’s Eve theme. My New Year’s Eve party overlooked the Taj Mahal:

Which actually, come to think of it, the Taj Mahal is a mausoleum and final resting place, and we really shouldn’t be partying on it and blasting fireworks over it. Hmmmm. But I guess that’s the ideo of Olioboard, to make the impossible possible, for a moment.

Sheesh … I just realized this reads like a sponsored post. With blogging nowadays, you never know. Whenever I do a sponsored post, I would definitely tell you. This is just an unsolicited rave to let you know, if you like to create things like this, it’s a fun place to be.

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