Look Up, Look Down, Look All Around

The next time you visit someplace for the first time, look all around. Look far and look close. Be curious:

Look for interesting patterns:

Look for the energy in color:

You never know what you might find on the ceiling. May be some inspiration up there:

I admit, never before in my life had I thought of removing those ceiling tiles, leaving the grid and ductwork exposed, but leaving a handful of tiles here and there, and decorating them. If you have this type of ceiling, think about what else you can do with it besides removing and replacing it.

So where did we go? Oh just Libertyville, Illinois only about a half hour drive from our home. We rarely go that direction, and this time we stopped the car and walked around. The windows at Wisma caught us — glasses of wine and hand-crafted beer? With lunch? Sure! We had Madras Curry and Thai Curry. With reisling of course, it’s great with spicier Asian foods. Oops we forgot to bring home some of the excellent butternut squash soup. Everything there can be to-go. But we did come home with goat cheese and pesto dip, and will enjoy that this evening.

It was a visit that was rejuvenating and refreshing for the eyes and the palate. Much more so than a visit to another Panera or Starbucks.

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