Indian Pillows With Golden Patterns

You may not have your own Chola temple, and you may not have built a Mughal sandstone city. But you can have India’s patterns on smaller everyday things you live with. We found these pillows at Good Earth in Chennai last year. Note the golden touches …

I’m planning to make similar pillows to take to the Chennai apartment on our next trip. I found metallic fabric paints at Joann, and will play with stencils and patterns, and will try printing images on fabrics.

Funny story: One day I left the pillow cover with the woman’s face draped over a pillow in our living room. The face is pretty much life size. And it was draped a bit lopsided as if she were reclining on the couch, as we do. My husband went downstairs in the dim light of the morning, and the “blue lady lying on the couch” scared the cr*p out of him!

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