Wishes: In My Suitcase to Wear in India

My daily wear in the U.S. is not at all showy. I can be downright Calvin Klein-ish with an aversion to bright color, big baubles and unusual shapes.

But when I go to India, that all changes. Another person emerges. Here’s what I would love to take in my suitcase (onboard of course because I’d never let these things out of my sight!). These are from two newer online shops that could easily get the UPS guy visiting our porch much more often: Jaypore and Pondicherry …

From Jaypore

This ivory bakelite and zircon bracelet, by Neelum Narang (love it, like a modern interpretation of old silver Indian jewelry):

This is a border-patterned handloomed towel, but if it is finely-woven, couldn’t it be a stole as well:

These coral and pearl earrings:

This red and pink cotton stole with Maheshwari weave, to cover my upper arms if I’m wearing a sleeveless long black dress:

From Pondicherry

Emerson Fry tunics, worn over wide flowy pants:

This natural indigo dyed cotton sheath dress, which I’d wear when I go photograph the Chola-inspired interior of a certain hotel in Chennai that I am stalking online. It’s a dress but I’d wear it over my navy linen pants with navy Ralph Lauren thong sandals (hmmmm I’m truly talking myself into this one):

I’d wear this navy batik bangle too:

How about this organic silk dress with long black or brown skirt or pants:

I already own these paduka toe plug sandals from Pondicherry Shop, love them:

An Amrita Singh bangle set like this, totally going in the suitcase!

In reality, I usually pack older slip-on shoes because shoes go off and on constantly, and they get dirty. I don’t take pricey clothes. I often sew long skirts and flowy pants with wildly patterned fabric yardage that I purchase whenever I see something I like. I take only clothes that won’t make me want to scream if they get faded or shrunk while being washed and dried (having learned from previous screaming experience).

So … maybe that India Traveler in me needs to make more appearances at home. Hmmmm?

***This is not a sponsored post! I just love the India-inspired products at these shops.***

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5 Replies to “Wishes: In My Suitcase to Wear in India”

  1. Hi Deb,
    Love your blog!I’m looking for India inspired curtains for my family room…the theme colors are blue and yellow.Can you help me find some:)Or advise on where to find some good curtains??

    1. Hi G, thank you! If you want India patterns on your curtains, you can try these websites: http://www.anokhiusa.com/, http://www.fabindia.com/, http://www.saffronmarigold.com/. Fabindia and Saffron and Marigold have curtains for reasonable prices. Anokhi doesn’t seem to have curtains but they do have fabric and sarongs. You can even look for saris to use as curtains. You can order multiples of some sari designs so all the curtains are the same. Or sometimes people will piece together trips of different saris to make them wide enough to be curtains. I hope this helps! Deb

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