Entrancing Entrances and a Fresh New Year

What is it about unique doors? If you’re enthralled by interesting doors, you’re not alone — there’s dozens of Pinterest boards about doors (including my board).

I think it’s because we as humans wonder what’s ahead, what’s there that we can’t see yet. Similar to a new year, doors are an entrance to new experiences. What lies beyond them? We can’t see but we can imagine. We can hope that it will be better than what we have and what we are today. So we are drawn to the doors, literal and figurative doors. We want to open them and enter what lies beyond.

The thing about entering a new year is, this year could bring our wishes, this is the year we can make some of them happen. After all, every year shouldn’t be the same, should they?

In a similar sense, we would be bored if all doors were Home Depot six panel stock variety. We’re drawn to the unique doors that feed our imaginations, hopes and dreams. The funny thing is, what’s unique to us is commonplace to the people who live with those doors! Right?

Here are some wood doors I’m drawn to …

Storybook door by Bob Simmons Design:

Storybook House Door via Bob Simmons Design

Antique Chinese door via NYJPW Chinese-American Arts & Culture Association:

Antique Chinese Door via NYJPW

Not all doors have to be opulent. I just wonder about the stories with this one. Door in Turkey by Flickr user jamyl:

Door in Turkey by Flickr jamyl

And there’s about, oh, 660+ doors here on Pinterest.


Now given the chance to finish a new apartment in Chennai, India — starting with a plain box of white concrete walls and floors — one of the first choices we made was to get a unique main door, an antique restored Southern Indian wood door carved with image of Krishna:



It’s so heavy, it took seven men to carry the door up the stairs! The door makes us feel excited to step into the space. Even the key is cool:


And the doorknocker:

Doorknocker on South Indian Main Door

Krishna carving above the door:


More carving above the door:


My husband has resolved some family issues with our apartment and we now feel free to proceed and finish the place. That has lifted a heavy weight, just in time for a fresh new year! I plan to make every door in the India pied-à-terre enthralling and entrancing … beckoning you to see what lies beyond!

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5 Replies to “Entrancing Entrances and a Fresh New Year”

    1. And oh boy, during this trip my husband remembered to bring back Melanie’s stencils! I had left them in the apartment, not believing that it would be so long before I’d go back. I’m so excited to get them again and practice at home the designs I want to do in India.

  1. Lovely India, Lovely doors, Lovely everything Indian. Having just returned from my 8th trip, I have but scratched the surface. Thank you for your blog.

    1. You’re welcome Lillian, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. My husband is there right now and wish I was too. Instead to get my “fix,” I’ll visit the Maharajah exhibit at Chicago’s Field Museum.

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