See Things Differently

Here’s a motley little crew of inspiration images. They scrolled across my screen on Pinterest, and each made me stop and look longer than average. Maybe you’ll find surprising new ways of seeing things here too …

I’ve written a few business plans the conventional conforming way, but I really wish to write one that looks like this work by Liz Plahn found at Geotypografika:

art by Liz Plahn found at Geotypografika

Why use only one carpet on stairs? Here’s a mix of many Persian carpet designs at Desigual in Hannover, Germany, *maybe* originally uploaded to Pinterest by Centiva (this great find deserves a link to original source!):

Persian carpet designs at Desigual in Hannover Germany

I’ve always been intrigued by how data turns into visual patterns. Like here, the heights of 90,000 humans. Via Tate. It’s not a bell curve because there are measurements of children. But if you looked only at the fully-grown adults:

Measurements of Human Heights via Tate

This is not a popular image, it’s not repinned much. But I like it. I’m not sure why. It’s not the prettiest picture, and it’s a bit disturbing. From Civilization and Its Discontents exhibition, via Elana Herzog:

From Civilization and Its Discontents Exhibition via Elana Herzog

From Comme des Garçons 1994, this makes me think, why not do something different with curtains?

Comme des Garçons 1994

Don’t stop at just painting a cabinet with chalkboard paint. Write all over every square inch of it! Via vtwonen:

Chalkboard Cabinet via vtwonen

These images and many more are on my Create board on Pinterest.

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