Home Is Where Your Heart Is

It doesn’t have to be a house.

It doesn’t even have to be a place.

It doesn’t even …

Okay … I’m not the best with the poetics. So I won’t continue and get cheesy (cheesier?). Let’s see some hearts in places. Maybe surprising places! These and many more hearts are on my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board.

Via desordre, looks like it’s trying to soften up a tough place:

Heart in Surprising Place via desordre

Now this is soft warm fuzzy hearted! Via a trail of tumblr posts leading backwards to an original source somewhere I don’t know where:

Cats Have a Heart

They’ve got this one all sewn up. Via Flow Gallery:

Sewn Heart via Flow Gallery

A heart and barbed wire, so many ways you can interpret why this is the way it is. Via Sadie Olive (love her blog and her shop!):

Heart and Barbed Wire via Sadie Olive

And a key to the heart from Rajasthan, via OKL:

Key to the Heart

Branching out into a new heart style, via Blue Velvet Chair:

Branch Heart via Blue Velvet Chair

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