Using Nail Polish in Home Decor

Nail polish is so popular right now. But what about us rebels who prefer our nails to be naked in public? C’mon raise your hands and your naked nails and wave, I know you’re out there! I’d show you my naked nails but their cuticles are horribly ragged from doing so many DIYs lately. But trust me, I’m all about naked fingernails, my hands are natural no matter how popular nail polish is.

But I do love nail polish colors. Their depth, their sheen, the metallic ones especially. I’ve built a collection of pretty polishes for my toes, but for half the year they’re hidden under socks, shoes and boots. What if I want to enjoy nail polish more?

What about using nail polish for home décor? Could you? Should you?

Yes you can. Nail polish is great when you want a durable change of color for little details. I made this lamp from a vase and a lampshade, both purchased at HomeGoods. Can you see what is painted with nail polish here?

Nail Polish Painted Lamp Finial

That round wood finial was red. That didn’t go with my plans. I grabbed a bottle of peacock-blue color nail polish, because it tied in with colors in the vase. Love the texture here:


The nail polish easily covered the red stained wood. Now the lamp has a shiny reflective metallic finial. I like how it contrasts with the rougher base below.


I’m going to look for more home accessories to paint with nail polish and will share more soon. What would you paint with nail polish, besides nails?

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10 Replies to “Using Nail Polish in Home Decor”

  1. What a great tip. I recently was asked to make a sign for a wedding, “please sign our guestbook”, white lettering on black foam-backed cardboard. The cardboard was too absorbent for the white permanent marker I had, using paint and paintbrush was too tricky, so I resorted to white out/liquid paper. It worked but I think white nail polish would have been the go!.

    1. Cool idea, I think nail polish would work for that too. It seems to sit on things instead of get absorbed. You probably could even use thinner or wider brushes than those that come with nail polish bottles, too. Just pour some nail polish in a wider container for wider brushes. I’m definitely going to play with nail polish painting more! Plus this could use up nail polish – does anyone ever use up an entire bottle of nail polish on nails??

  2. Love it! I’ve always had a weird soft spot for finials. I could have drawers of them, unused…perfectly happy. Last year I bought a plain pine wood table and a pine bed frame from IKEA with the somewhat vague intention of using my 3 dozen nailpolish bottles to do some art all over them and then seal them up somehow. Maybe pointillism abstract. Problem is, even though I tend towards undone nails, I couldn’t get myself to use up my polish. And so they just sit there. It’s silly, really. I’ve since sold the table. Maybe I’ll try again, peacock is my favorite color, so you’ve inspired me! :)

    1. Oooooh, you might like to know, this blue is one of a pair of polishes. The other is a green — I got two colors because they were peacock colors! I was going to wear both at the same time in alternating colors on my toes. Then I thought maybe that was okay 20 years ago, but my toes really should be more professional at work now.

      I’ve done the same thing with candles. Don’t want to use them up. So they just sit there! Now that’s not really enjoying their fragrance and light. as we should. Definitely try painting something with nail polish! Maybe paint on a canvas? Why not! I found a few DIY ideas on Google I’ll try myself and post.

  3. What brand of polish? My formal dining is peacock and this is the perfect idea to bring that color over to the credenza.

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