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Honestly, usually I’m a bit annoyed as a blog reader that header advertising pushes blog content down, making me go through all the effort to scroll down with a finger. Ugh, so hard, right? However if there’s any doubt these ads can sometimes be useful to readers, today I can offer some evidence.

Recently a Horchow ad on a blog proudly trumpeted “Friends and Family Event 30% Off Our Entire Site.” Wait, whaaa? I love Horchow. One of my all-time favorite chandeliers for the India apartment, posted about previously, is this one from Horchow:



So I clicked the ad, which resulted in this lust list for the India apartment …

A console to go under the living room TV:

Horchow Cynthia Console

This “Fruitata” (great name) chair would be perfect in the guest room which will be generous with the orange and pink:

Horchow Fruitata Chair

All the patterns in different materials: metal, wood, textiles.

This settee for the entry:

Horchow Rosie Settee

Because someone is always working, there must be a desk. How about this desk:

Horchow Sentinel Desk

Really love that desk. Love those legs. At $699 right now it’s great style for the price. Solid mahogany, mortise-and-tenon and dovetail construction. Really?

I would have this little drum table somewhere, displaying a stone or wooden antique mounted on an iron stand, from one of our trips foraging through dusty Indian warehouses:

Horchow Mesita Drum Table

This daybed is so fun! But I would paint it because red doesn’t fit into the color scheme:

Horchow Daybed

The rubbed silver finish on this vanity would be perfect in the bathroom that has accent tiles in silver, gold and copper. I do plan to put a silver cabinet in there and turn it into a vanity with granite and sink:

Horchow Ambella Vanity

Both bathrooms in the India apartment are smaller, and elevated vanities with legs like this would help them feel larger.

It’s customary in India to have wardrobes rather than closets. The apartment has no closets. So we will be looking for some huge cabinets. This Chinese style cabinet is beautiful:

Horchow Double Lotus CabinetOh and I do love rugs. I like the subtleness of this rug:

Horchow Lasara Rug

This may be a hodge-podge of stuff but I like a home to look like it’s been collected over time, from different places. Unfortunately, the last time I looked, there wasn’t quite enough in our bank account to make a flash decision and buy all this stuff before the sale ends today! Ha. One can play and dream though!

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6 Replies to “Horchow Happiness”

  1. I love it!! These are exactly the types of pieces I would love to incorporate into my decor (if only my bank account were a little healthier)!!

  2. Love the desk and, vanity. Horchow done good! Here in the souk my favorite carpet shop has an 8 foot tall copper samovar. I want to put it at the head of a tub and have the spout be my shower head. hehehe. Il probably settle for the 3 foot tall silvery one. Did you at least get the light fixture?

    1. No we didn’t get it, the light fixture was about $2K! Oh well. I’m still really stuck on the look. I think we can make something similar. I really like the patterned disc at the bottom, so when you look up you don’t look at lightbulbs. And it would cast cool shadows everywhere.
      OMG a 8′ samovar!!!! Making that a shower head would be SO cool! Great idea. I can only imagine, wow …

  3. Hi Deb, thanks for visiting my site and the lovely comments. Personally I love the drum table. It seems perfectly formed and could easily find a home in my home. xD

    1. Thank you! I love that drum table too, it’s different and I like something about the proportions of it, off balance but still pleasing. I like how your blog explains design principles like that and tells us why we might like the proportions.

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