Astronomical Decorating

{A repeat post, this is an annual event!}

No, this is not about astronomically expensive decorating. Rather it’s about decorating according to your horoscope sign. For the next month, people born under the Sign of Aries including me celebrate their birthdays.

For ideas on how to surround yourself with your horoscope sign, visit my Pinterest Board in honor of Aries, Sign of the Ram. Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll find there …

Ram’s skull on stand by Jamie Young:


This ram horn chair via House Beautiful:


Ram head table base via Lonny:

As I’m not a fan of hanging real animal heads on walls, here’s a mirrored mosaic version of a ram’s head from Joss and Main:


Wow, a huge heavy and gorgeous antique ram’s head doorknocker once available at Etsy shop Knock Please (check out their current selection which includes another ram’s head):

Aries Ram Doorknocker via Etsy Shop Knock Please

So, how could you work your astrological sign into home design? Or have you already?

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3 Replies to “Astronomical Decorating”

  1. I’m a Gemini but wouldn’t mind one of those ram horn chairs or ram head table bases…
    Just found your blog via mymarrakesh and am already enjoying your selection of pictures. I must admit, I am really hoping you’ve posted some pictures of your fabulous bedroom! ;-)

    1. Hi Juli, I’m so glad you visited my blog and are enjoying it! I haven’t yet posted pictures of the bedroom – it’s usually a mess, laundry and stuff around. Really should make it photo-ready and share it here.

      But the door is shown in some recent posts: (photos near the bottom of the post)

      The scenes are blurred out because, well … there’s some stuff happening on that door I’ve never ever seen before!

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