Get the Style: Natural Nomadic Luxe

I was inspired about a year ago by an Airstream trailer that was decorated in a style the designer called luxe nomadic. And it hit, that captures exactly the look I’m going for in the India pied-à-terre, with natural colors. Here’s some photos of the trailer from its feature in The New York Times:


Mixing prints makes the nomadic look happen. Like you traveled and visited various tribes and they gifted you with their beautiful textiles along the way:


Don’t just buy a tassel and tie-back at the local craft store and call it done. Nomadic luxe works here because of the mix of different materials used, even something unexpected like a chunky chain to hold the curtains back. You can even paint new store-bought things to make them look like they came from another time, from somewhere else.


Moroccan, Egyptian and Turkish lanterns are especially good to get this look.

Put a board of your concept together first. Here is the board for the Airstream trailer’s renovation:


The owner and designer, Rachel Horn, even thought about having nomadic luxe style accessories outside the trailer:


My husband is a private pilot, so we are regulars at Wisconsin’s Oshkosh air show which draws 40,000 campers to the grounds. So we’ve seen some really decked out trailers. But this Airstream’s decor stays true to its unique design vision, indoors and out! The designer’s portfolio and inspiration photos on her website show more of this style.

This design concept — Natural Nomadic Luxe — will keep me focused as we make final choices for the India apartment.

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