Craigslist When You’re Traveling

Have you ever looked up Craigslist items for sale at a destination you’re going to? Just by happenstance the other day, I found this photo shared here last August in a post about bathroom pedestal sinks:


It was on Craigslist Santa Fe about a year ago. Hmmm. Maybe there’s pretty good stuff on Santa Fe Craigslist, and we’ll be in Santa Fe soon. So I decided to take a look.

If I were to visit some items while in Santa Fe, here’s what I’d check out …

I’ve been planning to get a red Chinese cabinet like this for a corner of our kitchen, whenever we remove a built-in oak desk and overhead cabinets in that spot. This cabinet is only $500 and if it’s antique that’s a fantastic buy. From the photo, it appears to be a rich blue-red, not an orangey-red. Perfect! For that price, it’s worth shipping to Chicago.


This bench may not look like much, but I like its character. I don’t have any use for it and nowhere to put it, but … I like its character.


Really? You can get things like this through Craigslist? I had no idea. This person says he was stationed in Panama in the 60s and has documentation.


A shabby painted headboard that was made from twin headboards. Looking for a new home.


Very cool folk art puppet. It’s almost 2 feet tall and its arms move.


So there are really cool things available any time you check Craigslist. I get overwhelmed by all the Chicago area listings, but Santa Fe was a good size to “eyeball” listings. So what about it, be adventurous and check out Craigslist the next time you’re planning to visit a new city. You never know what you might find.

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2 Replies to “Craigslist When You’re Traveling”

  1. ohh i really like the headboard, cute! i’m a fellow BYW student just stopping by. I am a lover of travel and global design too!! we were actually thinking of going to santa fe this summer for a little honeymoon :) i have never been before, is it lovely?! any recommendations?
    have fun on your trip!!

    1. Hi Jenn! Thank you for stopping by! We love Santa Fe, this is our 4th time here. There’s something for everybody. It’s artistic and unique. We’re doing global stuff here: saw MIddle Eastern belly dancers, flamenco show, Spanish food and we visited a Spanish food shop, food at a Kenyan restaurant which was GREAT, buying things from Afghanistan and India, of course there’s Native American culture. I love the blend of cultures here. We’re meeting people from all over. There’s license plates here from Quebec, Montana, North Carolina, people visiting from everywhere. If you like global design I think you’d really like it here. I’m posting photos on instagram with some notes about where we’re going:

      We “sort of” honeymooned here too 14 years ago. But we were crazy then, we had a catalog business and we scheduled a photo shoot here at the same time. So we mostly worked! We just wanted to get away to somewhere interesting!

      If you wonder about anything else about Santa Fe, let me know …

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