Holi Colors in the House

Today’s the day people throw streams of bright color water around, for the Indian festival of Holi. Now I would never recommend tossing water and powder around the house. Unless you want splatters all over your walls and furniture. And if you do, that’s okay but you must admit it’s an unusual look. There are far better — and less messy — ways to get the colors of Holi in your home …

Like this jacquard textile at La Compagnie Francaise:

Like this ottoman which is a makeover – check out the before and after at Design Manifest:

Ottoman Makeover at Design Manifest

Like this banded color glass vase at Artful Home:

Glass Vase via artful home

Like these bamboo plates at Viva Terra:


Like this one-of-a-kind pillow from John Robshaw Souk:


Like this flourescent rug from Cadrys in Australia:

Rug via Cadrys

So what would you do? A little splash of color? Or get full-on drenched in these colors?

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