Southwest Adobe + Asian Style

We stopped in a store in Santa Fe called Asian Adobe. It looked so much like our house! Chinese cabinets with leather sofas, Ming altar tables with non-Asian art hanging above, Japanese obi textiles piled on a shelf, Chinese chairs against brick wall.

Here’s a few images from their web site that show the style:


It’s a combination of comfortable stuffed leather furniture in natural colors, mixed with the streamlined shapes of the Asian pieces. The carvings in the Chinese tables and screens also show up well without too much visual competition.



You can even decorate Chinese furniture for the holidays. The red cabinets are perfect for this:


Asian Adobe is located near the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum at 310 Johnson St. in Santa Fe.

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2 Replies to “Southwest Adobe + Asian Style”

  1. Hi India, I LOVE your blog — global design plus a second home in India — you are a girl after my own heart. I know this store in Santa Fe — very cool how you showed the merging of Asian with Southwest style!

    1. Thank you! I really like your blog too and became a follower! I had never heard of Adobe Asian before, mixing these styles. I wish we’d had more time but we stopped by the shop just as they were closing up. They were gracious enough to let us still go in and wander around a bit. Must go back!

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