Brown + Turquoise

Brown and turquoise. Turquoise and brown. A perfect pair. Hand in hand, you find them all over New Mexico.


Even the parking structures in Santa Fe look nice. This one is by the Eldorado and Hilton hotels. Interesting mix of metal chevrons with the New Mexican columns:


I saw many of these turquoise-encrusted steer skulls:


This was a fur and knit vest at Overland. Oh that place is so tempting. And so expensive. And I’ll be in Denver next weekend — the Overland there is too-too close to my hotel. I felt envious of others in Santa Fe who were walking around with Overland bags; we left empty-handed!


A window display arrangement of rustic turquoise stones on a red rock. Just the window-shopping in Santa Fe is incredible. And pretty cheap hobby:


If I remember correctly from our history ghost tour, this is the row of columns that 6,000 people passed by to go through a door, never to come out again. They were okay; they were just part of The Manhattan Project. They stepped off a bus with black painted windows, passed these columns, went through a door here, and exited the back onto the same bus again and were driven away. It was to keep them away from the spies in town. Word is, a bookstore nearby was actually a cover for the spies running it, who wanted to steal our nuclear secrets. If only these columns could talk …


Here we’re just looking at pretty pictures, but there are many stories behind these turquoise and brown things and scenes.

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2 Replies to “Brown + Turquoise”

    1. Thank you for visiting Tazim! I like your post about being a nomad and what to bring from different countries (Sibella Court book). I agree about the hardware. It’s good to find little meaningful things you’ll use every day and that easily fit in a backpack or suitcase.

      Believe it or not, I’ve collected dirt from places around the world I’ve visited! Then I display it in glass tubes that were supposed to be for spices, with pretty labels telling where the dirt/sand is from. The dirt has all kinds of different colors and textures. But because they’re in spice jars, I keep them far away from the kitchen so there’s no mistake!

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