Is it Tassel or Tassle?

Someone else had the same question. It’s out there spelled both ways. Anyway, here’s a passel of tassels today …

So there was this bead in Santa Fe. This bead is calling out to me to become a pendant with a tassel hanging below it. So I’ve had a growing obsession with tassels on necklaces lately.

Here’s one that’s spare and elegant, by shopkei on etsy:

Tassel Necklace by shopkei on etsy

Via Stella & Dot:

Tassel Necklace by Stella and Dot

This Vince Camuto version has a slightly more global vibe and is good example of a tassel and pendant combo:

Tassel Necklace by Vince Camuto

A Rachel Zoe tassel necklace at ShopBop:


A little bit of leather, a little bit of color in this tassel necklace at Ella Georgia:

Tassel Necklace at Ella Georgia

Some opulence, from Blugirl, fall 2011 season:

Tassel Necklace via Blugirl

There was an abundance of jewelry in Santa Fe — and there’s an upcoming post about “Santa Fe Pompeiian” inspiration found there — but I have a goal this year to do more DIY. So I found some beads and some fixin’s and will be making a few pieces. One of them will surely include a tassel or two or three …

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